Superficial success – why you’re told everything is great, even though you can’t afford to buy a house and football stinks

We’re often told that English football is more successful than it’s ever been. Can this really be right?

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The Fifpro report on ending transfer fees – a review

Having recently begun legal action at European level to challenge the system of football transfer fees, Fifpro, the global body representing professional footballers, has released its full analysis to support its claim that the ‘abusive transfer system is failing’ and should be scrapped.

I had a read of the report to see if it really substantiates those claims and to get an idea what football would look like if they were abolished…

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In my book, in a chapter on analytics, I wrote that: “what passes for debate between football fans is often just an elaborate parlour game in which grown men take turns to name football players they may have seen play once or twice and say if they are good or bad.”

But it’s not just fans who fall into the trap of logical errors and poor reasoning. I think there’s an argument to be made that football generally is riddled with sloppy thinking. To explore this, I thought I’d try to identify fallacies and biases that are common in football discourse. As I have time, the number will grow…

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