Mayoral Vice starring Dons-Johnson: or Why does no one listen to football fans?

The decision by Boris Johnson to ‘call in’ the AFC Wimbledon stadium application is further proof that, at national level, football fans just can’t get their voices heard. Continue reading


Why does the Premier League attract all the worst people from the NFL?

Among the many unseemly aspects of the news that the self-proclaimed ‘Big 5’ had been caught discussing a breakaway European Super League, was the fact that they were discussing it with Stephen Ross, the owner of the Miami Dolphins. It led me to wonder why it is that it’s primarily the NFL’s worst owners who are most interested in the Premier League. (I’ve also written about why I think the league might actually be a good idea.) Continue reading

Why the European Super League is a great idea for English football

There has been an outcry today about rumoured negotiations involving Manchesters City and United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool to abandon the Premier League and join a Euro League. I’ve written about this possibility before and, having given it a bit of thought, I don’t think it can happen fast enough. Continue reading