Save the children – how a simple change to Financial Fair Play could improve youth development

The Financial Fair Play (FFP) initiative was supposed to help make the game financially sustainable. But, in an effort to encourage clubs to invest in youth, Uefa and the Premier League have inadvertently turned academies in profit centres, creating incentives for them to scoop up ever more players, even ones with little prospect of making the first team. It’s time we stopped rewarding this damaging behaviour… Continue reading


Austin Collie and the Infinite Sadness: Sport, self-help and the true value of failure

Failure has never been more popular. Not least among the wildly successful, who’ve been busily redefining this crucial part of life out of existence.

Enter any of Britain’s remaining bookshops and you’ll find whole tables offering libraries of praise for failure. Barely a self-help business management book or a celebrity boastography or a self-satisfied meditation on mindfulness is published which doesn’t hymn the wonder of defeat. Continue reading