Does Donald Trump have the attributes to be a top NFL quarterback?

Is he fit for office? Does he have the ability, temperament and policy knowledge to be President? These and many other questions are being asked about Donald Trump. But there is another question, one no one’s asking at the moment: could Donald Trump make it as an NFL quarterback?

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Conceal, don’t feel – the rational under-exuberance at the heart of English sport

English people cannot be entirely trusted with their own feelings. That was the unspoken view of institutions established in the era of empire, when respectable racists saw it the duty of English men to manage the populations of many nations without being corrupted by them.

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Portrait of a bully: Mike Ashley as Tony Soprano

The not-so-wiseguy owner of Sports Direct told MPs little of substance but revealed a great deal about himself.

Sports Direct Executive Deputy Chairman* Mike Ashley finally appeared before the Commons’ Business, Innovation and Skills Committee to answer questions about his company’s employment practices. After a career spent shunning the spotlight, he’s an enigma no more… Continue reading

TV is where football goes to die – sport, drama, real life and Jossy’s Giants

As an activity, football is not inherently very important. In its essence the sport is, as its detractors claim, just 22 people running around after a ball. It’s the people playing, the people watching and the story that connects them that makes football matter.

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Stockport Syndrome – Football League rejigs, regulatory capture and why Shaun Harvey is failing

League football in England has some serious problems. These include, in no particular order: the generally poor financial state of the clubs; the chasm between the Football League’s revenues and those of the Premier League; numerous rogue owners; increasingly uneconomic academies; a lack of investment in grassroots facilities and coaching; unaffordably high ticket prices; and glacial progress on fan ownership and safe standing. Continue reading