Look, no hands! Why sport needs hands-off owners and hands-on administrators

One of sports’ greatest owners, Dan Rooney, has died while one of its worst, Francesco Becchetti, is killing his club.

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Temples of Boomer Esiason – fandom, shattered bones and long-distance sporting love

After thirty years, I’m going to see my team. For the first time…

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Does Donald Trump have the attributes to be a top NFL quarterback?

Is he fit for office? Does he have the ability, temperament and policy knowledge to be President? These and many other questions are being asked about Donald Trump. But there is another question, one no one’s asking at the moment: could Donald Trump make it as an NFL quarterback?

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Austin Collie and the Infinite Sadness: Sport, self-help and the true value of failure

Failure has never been more popular. Not least among the wildly successful, who’ve been busily redefining this crucial part of life out of existence.

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Why does the Premier League attract all the worst people from the NFL?

Among the many unseemly aspects of the news that the self-proclaimed ‘Big 5’ had been caught discussing a breakaway European Super League, was the fact that they were discussing it with Stephen Ross, the owner of the Miami Dolphins. It led me to wonder why it is that it’s primarily the NFL’s worst owners who are most interested in the Premier League. (I’ve also written about why I think the league might actually be a good idea.) Continue reading