For Whom The Chimes Toll – What Portsmouth’s sale tells us about the limits of fan ownership

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Having rescued their club from ruin at the hands of a string of bad owners, Portsmouth was a club that was going to do things right. But that’s easier said than done when everybody else is still playing fast and loose…

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Mayoral Vice starring Dons-Johnson: or Why does no one listen to football fans?

The decision by Boris Johnson to ‘call in’ the AFC Wimbledon stadium application is further proof that, at national level, football fans just can’t get their voices heard. Continue reading

Is it already too late to save the Premier League from itself?

Interesting things are happening in Scotland as fans struggle to reclaim football and revive their teams. But in England, despite the groundswell of fan disillusionment, it may already be too late to save the Premier League from itself…

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