Building a title-winning team: an NFL vs Premier League comparison

The NFL’s commitment to competitive balance isn’t an abstract idea. It will be taking the field for the Super Bowl shortly.

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Thoughts on the SFA’s proposal for a draft

Something strange happened to me this morning. I found myself at my desk applauding a national football association. And not the kind of ironic slow handclap I reserve for Greg Dyke’s boneheaded pronouncements, but genuine appreciation for a piece of terrific work. Continue reading

“No, we don’t know what he is.”

With this season drawing to a close, 2015 should be the end of certainty; the year we admit how useless we are at judging quarterbacks and abandon our urge to make final pronouncements on pretty much anyone who’s still taking snaps.

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Why this ‘wide-open title race’ is just a one-season wonder

Barely three months into this season and Leicester’s impressive start had people welcoming the dawn of a new era: the era of a competitive Premier League. By Christmas time, the papers were full of hosannas for English football having become not just the richest league in the world, but also ‘the most open’. I wrote a piece for The Fan on why this is misleading and unhelpful nonsense. [Post Leicester’s win (which, not uniquely, I didn’t see coming), I’ve added some additional lessons learned at the end.]

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