The Ugly Game book available now!

I’m really pleased to announce that a book based on this blog is now available. Buy it now!


It has the same format – essays comparing different aspects of the NFL and English football – but is substantially expanded, updated and revised. Buy it now or read a sample chapter.

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Shaun Through The Looking Glass – why the EFL’s ‘full strength’ rules are among the strangest in all of football

The Checkatrade Trophy rules oblige league teams to play a ‘full strength’ side. And yet the EFL has revised these rules so as to make them impossible to breach… Continue reading

Why does the EFL promote a competition where hosting games can lose its members money? It won’t say…

Attendances at Checkatrade Trophy games are sometimes so poor that the EFL has to pay clubs to cover losses they make from hosting games. Yet it won’t admit this – nor explain why it continues to back a format where gate receipts alone don’t always cover costs.

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The Grigsons 2017 – the first annual award for the GM who most gratuitously fails to build a team around a franchise quarterback

If you don’t have a good quarterback, then you don’t have anything. But if you do, then what the hell are you playing at not winning games?

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Why it’s time to boycott the World Cup – Fifa corruption, human decency, sponsor weakness and Russia 2018

Sepp Blatter has gone, but Fifa hasn’t changed. His legacy will be on display next summer: a festival of football glorifying one of the world’s most appalling regimes. Enough is enough, it’s time to turn the TV off.

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