Harvey Headbanger – the EFL chief presses on even though his plans lie in ruins

The numbers are in: Shaun Harvey and his Checkatrade Trophy have failed. Both must be scrapped.

With just the final left to play, we can begin to measure the success or otherwise of this season’s changes to the Checkatrade Trophy. By bringing in young players from top academies, did it – as promised – revitalise a struggling competition? Did it inject new excitement for fans, new money for clubs and new hope for the future of the England national team?

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What Liverpool have done is wrong, but they had no choice – thoughts on Liverpool’s pricing announcement and the need for regulation.

My first thought yesterday on reading about Liverpool’s new ticket prices was, as yours might have been: isn’t it sad to see Liverpool, one of the world’s great clubs, saddled with owners who seem happy to raise prices despite taking the club no nearer to success.

Once the anger subsidies, though, you recognise that pure greed is rarely a motivation behind someone’s actions, especially successful businessmen. Continue reading

Is it already too late to save the Premier League from itself?

Interesting things are happening in Scotland as fans struggle to reclaim football and revive their teams. But in England, despite the groundswell of fan disillusionment, it may already be too late to save the Premier League from itself…

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